Exhibition Barvalo, Roma, Sinti, Manouches, Gitans, Voyageurs

Exhibition Barvalo, Roms, Sinti, Manouches, Gitans, Voyageurs In the Romani language, barvalo means “rich” and, by extension, “proud”. This polysemous word serves as the title of the new Mucem exhibition, dedicated to the history and diversity of the Romani populations of Europe. A history inseparable from that of anti-Gypsyism, against which those who we sometimes […]

The Path of Fools, a project by Liam Warren and Arthur Eskenazi

The Path of Fools LE CHEMIN DES FOUS (The Path of Fools)  is an audiovisual and choreographic project, a plural creation process that began in 2020 from weekly workshops on a mode of artistic cooperation. From these meetings, the members of the group Refuge Migrant LGBTQI+ create dances and visual objects from that which sets […]

MERGE, a piece of Liam Warren

MERGE Twice, between January 2021 and October 2021, Liam Warren, choreographer and dancer, invited me to come and film the rehearsals of his upcoming piece MERGE. The result is four experimental video capsules, of one minute each. A choreographic work for five bodies caught in an uninterrupted circular flow, linked by a single physical force: […]

With each shake we will try to open the heart

With each shake we will try to open the heart In October 2020, Andrew Graham and Liam Warren, choreographers and dancers, invited me to document two dance workshops they each lead respectively at the historical monument La Vieille Charité, in Marseille. Andrew dances with his company L’autre Maison, made up of professional and non-professional dancers, […]

Signed True Stories

Signed True Stories Filmed between October 2016 and March 2017, ten true stories depicted in sign language, recounted by the individuals of the deaf community in Marseille. This is a project initiated by the association Histoires Vraies de Méditerranée, in collaboration with ASIP (social services in proximity) and EHESS (School of Advanced Studies in Social […]

Nena, Paule, Simone, Suzanne, Michelle

Nena, Paule, Simone, Suzanne, Michelle In 2015 Eve Magot, dancer and choreographer for the company La Fronde, spends three times an hour with Nena, Paule, Simone, Suzanne, Michelle, residents of the EPHAD (Residential house for the elderly) in Ivry Vitry. She then invites me to document this encounter. Eve Magot writes about this project: “In […]