Nena, Paule, Simone, Suzanne, Michelle

In 2015 Eve Magot, dancer and choreographer for the company La Fronde, spends three times an hour with Nena, Paule, Simone, Suzanne, Michelle, residents of the EPHAD (Residential house for the elderly) in Ivry Vitry. She then invites me to document this encounter.

Eve Magot writes about this project: “In the institution, the dementia, the anger, the sadness, the smell of piss, the eyes that sparkle, the smiles that open, the face that lights up, the joy, recognized freedom, bodies that relax and simply waiting to be touched, to be kissed, held, caressed, in the deep love and madness that it is to grow old in our current social fabric. I think of those who stirred me, made me laugh out loud with lightheartedness, generously welcomed me, who touched me, gave their trust and their love all in the span of two hours, for a lifetime. »



Filmmaking, image, sound and editing : Laura Taubman

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