With each shake we will try to open the heart

In October 2020, Andrew Graham and Liam Warren, choreographers and dancers, invited me to document two dance workshops they each lead respectively at the historical monument La Vieille Charité, in Marseille.

Andrew dances with his company L’autre Maison, made up of professional and non-professional dancers, able-bodied or disabled. Liam dances for the performance Dérives with dancers from the solidarity group of LGBTQI+ migrants from Marseille.

For three days I visually documented the rehearsal process.

This film was commissioned by the European Biennial of Contemporary Creation Manifesta 13.



Filmmaking, image, sound and editing : Laura Taubman

Music : Marek Hunhap et Laura Taubman

Color grading : Quentin Rameau

My projects in Museum installations and experimental video