The Path of Fools

LE CHEMIN DES FOUS (The Path of Fools)  is an audiovisual and choreographic project, a plural creation process that began in 2020 from weekly workshops on a mode of artistic cooperation. From these meetings, the members of the group Refuge Migrant LGBTQI+ create dances and visual objects from that which sets them in motion: anger, desires, loves, social frustrations, living conditions, realities, territories but also struggles and protest. These encounters were documented — the meetings, the workshops, the testimonies, portraits of the participants, and the viewpoint they have of Marseille — and give rise to a multi-stream video installation on six screens, a 30-minute loop, which immerses the viewer in a myriad of moving images and dances, sounds and languages. The words intertwine and overlap nourished by strong images. Through this crossroads of realities and testimonies, LE CHEMIN DES FOUS opens up an immersive space where young LGBTQI+ migrants express their vision of the world.


Editing : Laura Taubman

Iconographic graphic design and drawings : Elsa Ladoux

Video : Témis Carter, Arthur Eskenazi, Naïma Héraud, Emma Luisemann, Marine
Sahakian, Orana Tricot, Liam Warren, et d’autres sources multiples

Photos : Léo Derivot, Cléa Rekhou, Yang Wang, et d’autres sources multiples

General management : Jean-François Massimi

Projection scenography : Kevin Klein

Technician : Milan Petrucci

Intern : Emma Luisemann

Production : RIFT in collaboration with Refuge Migrant LGBT, Supported by the Aoziz Festival, Artagon-Enowe production fund and Coco Velten

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