Twice, between January 2021 and October 2021, Liam Warren, choreographer and dancer, invited me to come and film the rehearsals of his upcoming piece MERGE. The result is four experimental video capsules, of one minute each.

A choreographic work for five bodies caught in an uninterrupted circular flow, linked by a single physical force: rotation. Stemming from a repeated raw action, the movements of the dancers compose a continuous intertwining system generated by their own circular trajectories – a whirlwind that forms the centre. Movement, light, sound, all matter merges into a vibratory field where a number of possible forms arise and disappear in this hypnotic fluctuation of infinite energy.

These images were taken at the Ballet National de Marseille as well as in Montevideo, Marseille.



Filmmaking, image, sound and editing : Laura Taubman

Conception : Liam Warren

Performers : Maria Cargnelli, Matthieu Chayrigues, Elie Fico, Louise Loubière, Johana Malédon.

Sound Space and Dramaturgy : Samir Kennedy

Museum installations and experimental video