Documentary mini-series about learning urban planning

Four times, between 2021 and 2024, I document four learning experiences in the form of workshops, led by urban planning students from the Institut d’Urbanisme d’Aix en Provence. In the first episode, the students work on the rehabilitation of two public squares in Marseille. In the second episode, these same students work in collaboration with […]

A central lane

A central lane Yann Henrion, Jeannine Zingraff, Michel François and Patrick Piazza are between 22 and 63 years old. Cared for by the Nutritional Assistance Unit of the University Hospital of Nancy, they have the common denominator of having to resort to living with parenteral nutrition. Between fatigue, anger and resilience, this film recounts their […]

Beijing Castle

Beijing Castle China has recently started drinking wine and will soon be the primary market for French winegrowers who dream of profiting from the enormous potential of this young market. This film follows three main figures, moving between France and China: a Chinese businesswoman passionate about Burgundy wines, a French winegrower established in China and […]

The enlightened patient

The enlightened patient The Enlightened Patient is a research film on patient autonomy with cancer. In a step towards democratizing healthcare services, the film questions the role of the patient as being an actor of their care and the ways in which a patient is able to co-construct his healing process. By questioning the relationships […]