Documentary mini-series about learning urban planning

Twice, between 2021 and 2022, I document two learning experiences in the form of workshops, led by urban planning students from the Institut d’Urbanisme d’Aix en Provence. In the first episode, the students work on the rehabilitation of two public squares in Marseille. In the second episode, these same students work in collaboration with student architects from the School of Architecture in Rabat on the rehabilitation of a district of Salé, in Morocco. A third episode is in preparation for 2023 which will be shot in Tunisia.

1st episode

A place for everyone

Marseille in transition, looking for urban planners in training

For ten days in november 2021, eighteen students from the Masters program “The transition of metropolises and cooperation in the Mediterranean” in the Institute of Urbanism of Aix-en-Provence work to respond to an invitation from the city of Marseille to reflect on the development of two public squares. This immersive film retraces this ten days of reflection.


Filmmaking, image, sound, music and editing : Laura Taubman

Mixing :  Damien Sinet

Grading : Kima Kuno — Quentin Rameau

Production : Safar

2nd episode

What if the city became inclusive?

Urban planners and architects experiment with disability situations in Salé, Morocco

For ten days in May 2022, students came together from Master’s programs, “Transition of metropolises and cooperation in the Mediterranean” from the Institute of Urban Planning and Regional Development, University Aix-Marseille, and “Architecture and urbanization of territories in the Mediterranean” from the National School of Architecture in Rabat, working together to reflect on new futures for the Rmel district in Salé, Morocco. A request from the organization Bouregreg, consists of addressing the issue of accessibility to public space for people with disabilities, as part of a development project currently under consideration. This film retraces the ten days of a participatory experience between town planners, architects, associations and inhabitants in Salé Morocco to consider new ways to buid an inclusive city for all.


Filmmaking, image, sound : Laura Taubman

Editing : Laura Taubman & Tara Brown

Music : Juliette Grimont & Ismaïl Aghraye

Mixing : Damien Sinet

Production : Les Films du Gabian

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