A central lane

Yann Henrion, Jeannine Zingraff, Michel François and Patrick Piazza are between 22 and 63 years old. Cared for by the Nutritional Assistance Unit of the University Hospital of Nancy, they have the common denominator of having to resort to living with parenteral nutrition. Between fatigue, anger and resilience, this film recounts their therapeutic journeys and their experiences with disease, which has chronically taken hold in their lives and, through collateral damage, in those of their loved ones.

This film was produced as part of a research project in Anthropology of Health, in collaboration with Sophie Arborio, health anthropologist at the University of Lorraine and the University Hospital of Nancy.



Filmmaking, image, sound and editing : Laura Taubman

Editing assistant : Tara Brown

Music : Marvin Clech et Hicham Chahidi

Mixing : Damien Sinet

Calibration : Dany Tambicannou

Production : Cinéphage

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