Beijing Castle

China has recently started drinking wine and will soon be the primary market for French winegrowers who dream of profiting from the enormous potential of this young market.

This film follows three main figures, moving between France and China: a Chinese businesswoman passionate about Burgundy wines, a French winegrower established in China and a young Chinese sommelier. Each sharing their own unique experiences in the wine industry, they share their aspirations as well as their doubts. Their common passion for wine opens discussions on the challenge of imparting a relationship to Nature and Time despite cultural differences. The film opens a global discussion on how these new forms of social ties with China may soon transform Europe in the near future.

Awards & selections


Prize for “Film intended for professionals” at the Oenovidéo festival


Official selection at the Jean Rouch festival


Official selection at the MOST festival


Filmmaking and sound : Boris Pétric

Image : Laura Taubman

Editing : Mélanie Brun et Marts Mihailovs

Music : David Hess and Arthur Bourgeois

Production : La Fabrique des écritures ethnographiques

Participation : Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR)

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