The mischief makers

Pas sage - Lycée Autogéré de Paris

The mischief makers « The mischief makers » delves into the heart of a self-managed public high school in the south of Paris, over the span of a full academic year. The film follows the efforts of the staff to motivate their students to work, the students’ anxiety about their end of the year exams, and […]


Lance Since the day he was born, Lance Loree, a country musician in southern Alberta, Canada, grew up living on a conventional intensive farm. But when he took possession of his father’s land ten years ago, he decided to take the huge undertaking of rehabilitating the plot into an organic farm. When the going gets […]

A tiny drop of change

A tiny drop of change As autumn settles in Canada, two filmmakers embark nationwide to visit alternative farms. From Quebec to the Yukon, they meet the men and women behind these farms who have often had to make radical lifestyle choices to shift into living from the earth’s resources. Selections & Screenings 2014 40th International […]